MacBook Pro 16 How to Properly Plug-In and Charge

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hey guys so I'm gonna show you the

plug-in in charge of MacBook which may

seem a bit ridiculous

but it's actually more complicated than

it seems so if in your package within

your MacBook package you should have

this power adapter and you also should

have a USB type-c to USB type-c cable so

both these are the same to both USB

type-c at the end now what are you going

to do is plug in one of the sides

doesn't matter which one just one of

these cable one of these ends to the

side of the macbook a power adapter so

it's plugged in right there

okay now next what you're gonna do is

you're gonna plug in this so I'm gonna

plug it into a power strip now something

to note guys is when you're plugging

them in now this is obviously very heavy

so especially if it's like on the wall