Roadside Guy How To Jumpstart 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid

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hi roadside guy we're gonna shoot a

quick video show you how to jumpstart a

2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid as a rental car

customer went in for probably something

to eat

came out the vehicle wouldn't start

under the hood you can see it looks like

a spaceship so you got your gas engine

over here your hybrid engine over here

on the driver's side right here you're

gonna see a red positive little piece of

plastic lift that up and off you'll take

your jumper cables I'm using a GB 150

box made by no Co Conoco genius GB 150

so I'll take my red and plug it into the

e positive here which I don't really

give you the best bite on it and then

our negative will probably go right here

and you can see the vehicle is reading

off 4 volts so that's definitely not

enough to start it up we'll go ahead and