Charging Your Tesla At Home

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hey guys today I want to give you guys a

quick overview of how home charging

works for a Tesla this is a huge

question that I had when I was first

purchasing my car is I scoured the web

trying to find out what exactly does

this look like in a typical garage so I

wanted to show you guys kind of what the

installation that I've got in my garage

and as you can see here we've got the

NEMA 1450 outlet here that's connected

to my breaker box out there and we'll

show you guys what that looks like in a

second but NEMA 1450 the 50 stands for

the amount of amperage just that this

thing is pulling from my box but

typically the maximum that this plug

will use is 40 amps but this mobile

connector comes with Tesla and we've got

this accessory from Tesla believe it