Nissan Key Fob Battery Change - How To DIY Learning Tutorials

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hey everybody Brock Frady here helping

you enjoy your ride in this clip we're

going to cover how to replace the

battery in your Nissan key fob this key

fob in particular is for an Altima but

it's pretty much going to do for any

model of nissan that you have as long as

it's a newer model on the front you have

your lock unlock trunk panic and remote

start functions but if you come out to

the car one day and these do not work or

they begin to work intermittently then

you probably need a new battery in which

case you want to flip the key fob over

and there's a switch on the back you're

going to push that switch down and then

you're going to remove a physical key

from inside the key head this is the key

that you'll probably have to use to get

into the car when you get into the car

you may still have enough juice in this