How To Parallel Charge LiPo Batteries Without Burning Down Your House

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so let's talk about parallel charging

parallel charging is somewhat of a

controversial topic I say that because

I've heard people say that they never

parallel charge they don't think it's

safe and you know they hear about lipo

fires that are the result of parallel

charging and and they don't want to do

it and and I say that if you are working

with lipo's then you know the

possibility of a fire is sort of sort of

implicit right if you charge your 4s

batter or your 3 s battery on the 4s

setting well your charger should detect

that and refuse to do it but if you you

know if you do something dumb then you

can get a fire right and and your

charger tries it's best to save you but

you know don't don't do anything dumb

and you'll be okay it's my point

parallel charging is hugely useful the