How To Balance Charge 2 Lipos at Once-Safe and Easy!

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before you even begin to attempt

plugging all of this stuff in I need to

go over something that I failed to

mention before and I didn't realize

until after I'd done it and shorted out

the battery that I figured out what


so first off I'm using two 2s batteries

for this but it's going to be identical

for 3s you know 4 hours 5 minutes

whatever so right now I've got them

hooked up to the serial adapter so

although these are two 2's batteries now

that they're wired up on the power and

here it's going to appear as if it's a

4s battery so in order to hook this up

properly and balance it properly you

need to pay very close attention to how

you're hooking this up I cannot stress

this enough if you do not do this

properly you will short something out