Charge multiple 12v car batteries using 1 charger. It's dead Easy!

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okay welcome to the madness that is my

wobbly garage you have to excuse the

mess so it's not always this bad I've

just been incredibly busy recently what

I wanted to talk to you about was in

this corner this is my battery charging

station I just wired it up a little bit

of old angle I and I had knocking about

I made this two-tier system and what I

wanted to discuss was the fact that you

can use one single 12 volt charger to

charge numerous 12-volt batteries how do

you do that you wire them in parallel

with one another which basically means

you go positive to positive to positive

to positive and similarly with the

negatives from above

now I've run this system for many many

years and never had a problem runnin off

one single charger and keeping

everything on a trickle charge you know