🔥Wiring 2 12 Volt Batteries in Parallel - Solar Panel, Charge Controller, Inverter

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hello this is Jeff Arizona at homestead

welcome back to the homestead today's

video is going to be on these two

batteries here both these batteries are

they're marine batteries I use them on

my 12 foot aluminum boat and they are my

trolling motor batteries so a little

difficult to see but they are the same

ones air that's a Super Start each of

them is 12 volts and that is 8:45 and

2:10 8:45 I don't know if we can read

that I can't I know the 210 is what they

call reserve capacity reserve amps but

these are mainly from marine batteries

these will take me all day one of them

will take me all day out on the bed on

the lake and I have two of them just

because one of them is always a backup

so what I'm doing today basically is I'm

wiring them up in parallel then I'm

going to hook up in the later video hook