How 2 charge 2 6volt batteries at the same time

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hey YouTube my guys do what today Kevin

here coming at you with another video so

you guys have seen all these bikes

before and we've done that's my ke e100

basically spoof off this KD ATM my K

e100 and my km 100 but the purpose for

this video is if you this is a short

video real short and I want to say thank

you guys to all my subscribers you guys

are awesome in all your wonderful

comments I know a lot of you guys have

multiple bikes like me rather it be

Yamaha 6 volts or Suzuki 6 volt bags or

Kawasaki 6 wall bikes I want to talk to

you guys about these bikes because 6

volt batteries required charging that is

not adequate from your charging system

sometimes you have to throw them on the

charger or the battery tender and that's

the purpose of this video so I want to