How to Charge the Apple Pencil

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hey guys went here from h2 tech videos

today I want to show you how to charge

your Apple pencil so first thing is in

case you have noticed already this

little cap comes right off and you have

a little charging slot right here so the

first way to charge it super easy is

just putting in to your iPad and by

plugging in here this will give it a

charge but there is a second way so

let's go ahead and put that down there

so take your box we're going to open it

up it was so funny guys as I've had this

for a couple of weeks and I just

realized this was here

so in here you're gonna slide it open

and flip it around it actually comes

with a special adapter so we're just

gonna go to the back pull the tape off

and this little guy go ahead and plug in

Apple pencil and now we can plug the