BLACK & DECKER 9.6v-18v Universal Charger Unboxing and Review

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welcome to the Z hot today we're gonna

take a look at the Black and Decker

universal charger now this is for the

nine point six through 18 volt Black &

Decker batteries and they will have a

plug that should look like that on the

battery now I have the 14.4 volt

batteries I've got the set the firestorm

14.4 volt I've got the drill the

reciprocating saw the circular saw and

the flashlight all comes in a nice

little case they're nice and handy and

fourteen point four volts it's got

enough power you can do most jobs uh I

have tried some of the higher voltage

stuff the 24 volt and eighteen volt they

are kind of nice but they're a little

spinny as well I actually got a good

deal on this but my old charger which is

right here died on me a few days ago so