How To Charge 18650 Batteries With Solar Panels DIY

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hello guys again my name is Andrea and

today have this project with this solar

panels I will connect them in series

with this BMS 20 arms twelve point six

volt I will use this 318 650 borrows

from a lot of batteries you can take it

out or you can borrow any stores online

well let me show you how to do it well

we need these four panels

I will connected in series now because

this is a 100 milliamps on six volts out

solar panels I will connect in parallel

another two that it will give more juice

for charging from the Sun let's start

the project of course may be this

soldering station and some cables

now I'll connect the - and positive and

the output it will be from here - and

positive that's what we are going to

give 12 volts and then I will connect

again - the positive here and again the