How to charge li-ion battery pack using IMAX b6 18650 lipo charger

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hello everybody I'm going to present

today how to charge how to proper charge

this lithium-ion cell or better known as

18 650 cells alright so you want to make

a power walk

you want to make a power pack yeah you

got the cells

you saw the videos of who Garcia or H be

powerful or something very similar and

now you decided to make your own pack

the most important thing besides buying

the cells and arranging them and all the

stuff the most important part is the

charging process of these 18 6:57 all


like this one is a small power back

inside there is a circuit which you saw

in my previous videos and stuff this one

is child is responsible for charging and

discharging the lithium cells but taking

and to look to the manufacturer data