180s Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Earmuffs (Ear Warmers)

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This video demonstrates and reviews 180s Bluetooth ® Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers. One problem

we all have is trying to keep earphones properly positioned in your ears. The problem is only

made worse when you attempt to use your earphones with ear warmers. 180s helped tremendously

when they introduced ear warmers with an integrated headset. These have been and continue to be

extremely popular. But you still have to deal with the cable. In my case no matter how thoughtfully

I try to route the cable, and winter clothing only makes it worse, I still manage to get

tangled up in them when I reach for something or just swing my arm. Then you have to go

back through the whole process of adjusting the earphone and cable again. Most people

listen to their music through their smart phone. So when you get a call you have to

get to your phone to answer it which is no easy task when you 're wearing gloves and

heavy winter clothing. And again you have to deal with the cable. Here's an easy way

to eliminate almost all the hassle associated with wearing ear phones and ear warmers. 180s

has now introduced their new Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers. The built-in Bluetooth

technology lets you quickly pair and communicate with any Bluetooth enabled device. It's wireless

so there's nothing to position or adjust except the ear warmers themselves. No cables to route

or get tangled in. Now it's not perfect because you still have to start your player, adjust

the volume and make a call using your phone. But how often do you have to adjust the volume?

And you can pause the music wirelessly. As far as making a call you can most often control

when that happens and do it when it's more convenient. In my mind the 180s Wireless Headphone

Ear Warmers solve about 95% of the problem. The audio quality is good if not outstanding

and the microphone seems to work well. When you open the box you'll find the ear warmers,