i7S TWS Charging and Pairing instructions! How to pair i7s TWS Earbuds

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welcome to another episode of China Tech today I'm just gonna be quickly showing

you how to connect your i7s tws earbuds into your phone as well as some of the

different functions you can access with them using the little buttons on the

side so let's jump into that now so the first thing we're gonna look at is

actually pairing your i7s tws earbuds into your phone so the way I've found

works best for me is actually just to pair the first one and then you can

actually pair the second one after the first one and I found that just works a

lot better for me so we're just gonna take our first earpiece and I'm gonna

open up the Bluetooth settings on my phone so if I hold this button down

that's gonna turn on this ear piece you can see the lights flashing which means

it's in pairing mode so now if I go pair a new device

you'll see the TWS I7s appeared if I just press that there you go it'll

play a little tune to say it's been connected and then this is actually

connected into my phone so now if I go to Spotify I'll just play something and

you can hear this is completely connected now its playing music so now that

we've got our first earbud connected what we can do is grab out our second one

and now it's actually really easy to pair the first with the second and get

them both playing so the first one right now I've got it on it's just one

connected to my phone what we're gonna do with the second is just press and

hold to turn it on so it's just come on and you heard they both just automatically

connected to each other just cuz I turn this one on really close to this one