How to Add Freon To Your Refrigerator 134a

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don't get intimidated recharging a

fridge with freon it's really easy some

of the videos are there I've made by

professionals and they usually skip


so it sounds intimidating in this video

I'm going to explain to you I'm gonna

dumb it down to make it really easy so

even an average Joe can do it this will

have step-by-step instructions really

really really easy you're going to need

three things a piercing valve which

costs about six dollars I'm going to put

a link at about a minute video

refrigerant you could buy this one from

your local shop or I'm going to put a

link at the bottom of the video

description can be delivered to your

house and then you're gonna need this

special hose this is the most important

part of installation if you get any