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hey guys welcome to the great outdoors RV my name is mait and today we're gonna

go a little bit more in depth on batteries so batteries are the heart of

a camper because they run everything they can run everything from power

awnings slide outs stab Jack's lights even some

of your 110 appliances like your fridge and your furnace and your you name it

all those things sometimes have a combo where they need propane and battery or

110 power and battery so we're gonna go through what kind of battery you need

and how to maintain those batteries and everything about batteries and campers

alright we have Rick with interstate battery thanks

for joining us here good to see you so we have a few questions about

batteries and what is the different types of batteries what should we look

at for RV use okay so typically you have about four different varieties of

batteries you only lead-acid batteries

fluid-filled obviously there's some sulfuric acid in there that is fillable

but then you've got AGM which is absorbed glass matt there'll be no fluid

inside of them and you're typically going to have higher run capacities but

your costs are going to be higher Gel cell batteries are very similar to AGM

they're hard to find and then the last is obviously lithium-ion which is a new

coming technology that they're still trying to perfect and so you don't see

them hardly anywhere but they are available okay so so the best option out

of all those four options is there is every one that stands out above the rest