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Hello, John Talley here with Today we're going to take

a few minutes and discuss the different batteries that are typically found in

most your power sports units as well as the different chargers that we're going

to use to keep them up and ready to go. The battery in the simplest form can be

represented by this little unit on the end. This is what they call a lead acid

type battery, and you'll notice that this one is completely empty and it actually

has a vent tube on the side. This is one of the earlier designs and it's still

used in a lot of different machines. Basically at the dealership they will

fill each cell with electrolyte, which happens to be a sulfuric acid for this

type battery, and you bring it up in between these two lines. At that point

they put it under charge. A unit like this? It can withstand a fair amount of

charge amperage going into it. It's a really solid battery but not one that

can stand a lot of vibration and or changes in tilt so to speak. So something

like this would have a difficult time surviving on, let's say a sport bike.

You're going to find this on a lot of utility type machines. It's going to be

in an environment where the machine is more or less stable, not a high

performance, not where space is going to be a concern. And if any of the cells get

low, then you can add distilled water to bring it up to the proper level. Another

characteristic for a conventional battery is it's fairly easy to charge

and it's not really picky about the voltage that comes in. It can withstand

higher voltage than these other types of sealed batteries. Now the one you're