How to Charge 12V Car Battery with 19V Laptop charger | DIY Car Battery Charger

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Welcome to Electrical Projects channel,

in today’s video I will show you a very simple way how you can charge a car battery, with a laptop charger.

Well, let’s start.

For charging this battery I am going to use a charger from my Samsung laptop,

it has 19 volts DC output.

And you may be wondering, how am I going to charge a 12-volts battery with 19-volts’ charger,

but actually it is not a problem because I have a very simple solution,

the solution is a 12 volts’ light bulb, the difference in voltages will drop on this bulb

All you need to do is to connect the bulb sequentially.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a socket for this bulb, so I am going to solder two wires directly to the bulb.

Well, let’s do it.

Also, we’ll need one more wire, and we’re almost ready for charging.

But first check the polarity, and that is very important, plus must be connected to the plus, and minus to the minus.

If you don’t know where plus and minus in your charger, find this sign on your charger.

In my case, it shows that plus in the center.

Also, it would be useful to check the voltage of the battery throughout the charging,

I have a small voltmeter for such purposes.

Also, I open cells before charging,

because when a battery become almost fully charged

cells start to release a lot of hydrogen and pressure inside increases,

and that may be unsafe.