Why use A blocking diode with battery charging dynamo bicycle generator

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all right so now we have generator we

got connection here to the 12 volt

battery and just to make sure we can

just take a measurement real quick just

to see what the battery voltage is we

got 12 volts right there there's 15 amp

fuses right here so we're just going to

put these fuses right into the fuse

socket and here it goes now you can see

this generator spinning so right now

energy is going from the battery to the

generator so if we had a blocking diode

you put a blocking diode right here then

we wouldn't have the problem of it

spinning when we're not doing any

cuddling and this diode is rated for

about 4 4 amps of current which is good

for a kid's bike and an adult could pull

about 8 or 9 or 10 amps but for kids

you'll need 4 yeah all right so we want

to put this diode in here I'm going to