How to charge your battery in your trailer off your seven pin

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okay building with Papa right now we're

going to take this truck and trailer

okay they have a 7 pin all right and he

got an electric jack for his trailer it

also has a 7 pin he also has a battery

inside remember the video I did never

bother by another battery again

well that was this battery for his

trailer he's got it in there it's

working on his lights and it's working

really well problem is he doesn't have

it charged up so I'm going to tie it in

for him for his office 7 pin to charge

up his 12 volt battery inside that's

going to run his lights so that whenever

he hooks up his trailer with the 7 pin

his battery will be charging also I'm

going to go ahead and install some fans

for him he bought a couple fans and what

I'm going to do is I'm going to install

these fans in his trailer ok because he