How to charge a Prius 12 volt battery with a battery charger

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this is how charged your 2013 Prius

2014-2015 are leaving the older Prius

okay so the battery's dead in this case

our battery's dead

you get a battery charger and get a

better charger at the automotive store

you want to hook them aside as a battery

charger here to something metal in this

case I'm gonna go in this little screw

here toyota recommends to connect with

something over here on the fender panel

probably this big bolt right here my

charger will not reach that big bolt and

over here don't see it actually you know

what this thing here is a ground

connection because there's a bunch of

wires on it so I'm gonna connect the

black lead there now you have to get off

this cover this cover on the fuse box

must come off and I found to get the

cover off you just push this tab right