How to charge 12v lead acid battery theoretically

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hello everybody I'm going to present it

today how to charge a 12 volt battery

alright so let's get started we're going

to get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

to join the party - no catch no money no

skills required this is the stuff that

you see on YouTube you know all that

fancy things you know phonetic nice

battery and we're gonna write down the

stuff that's written on it if you don't

have the label on the battery don't


further in the video I'm going to show

you some constant value that's going to

be the same for each and every battery

yeah so don't worry don't have the label

don't worry still till the end and I'm

sure how are we gonna solve this problem

alright now we're gonna put it down what

we we have from this battle yeah

it says here 12 volt I'm gonna copy