How to charge lead acid battery

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this is a lead-acid battery it is dead

it's considered dead by the charger so

sad so this is a valve regulator to let

us a type meaning that it's a good idea

to like open a window

now that the window is open let's check

you over multimeter I'm a hole in the

morn and it's eight point eight which is

very low considering that twelve is the

suppose advantage that is supposed to

say that's fully charged so now we need

to find a solution you need a net gear

or whatever type of power supply which

has 12 volts at 1.5 amps you got to

strip the ends though as you can see I

strip them already

and you need a screw driver for screwing

on the time in those and lots of

patience okay so now you got to get this

and slightly unscrew it and just put the

cable in there and use the screwdriver