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hi guys this is josh chick here and

today's i'm going to show you and how to

charge your 1 1 6 + SmartWatch let's go


all right so I actually make this video

because I think some people still don't

know how to charge their 1 1 6 plus part

much so we are going to see first okay

this is the front side and then as you

can see here there is there are two

straps here we have here the circular

button we got to do is we're going to go

to the opposite strap which is here and

let's try to remove it and then as you

can see there are two pins so that's

where we're gonna charge our smart lunch

and now if we're going to get the

adapter so in my case I got here the

adapter from my samsung phone so you're

going to attach it and that's it case

alright so now guys let's try to test if