Charging Dead Battery

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hey guys what's up welcome to turbo John

YouTube channel so today is springtime

we're all in lockdown I know you guys

like me I've got to start cutting grass

soon grants don't care about no

coronavirus so we got to cut the grass

so I went to go crank my lawnmower today

and this thing is a heat but here's my

lawnmower I went to crank it and it did

not start

it's it ain't happening today I hit the

starter button said not today Pappy

nothing nothing yes this is my be that

lawn mower our good friends gave us this

long more about 10 years ago the front

I'm converting it into a rat rod that's

what my goal is is to make the lawn

mower a rat rod I am succeeding being

let's talk about this battery so I got

this battery last year so it's been

sitting outside for the whole duration