How to Bury a Pet

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how to bury a pet getting over the loss

of a pet is never easy your pet is part

of your family and you feel at a loss

without him or her adding to the pain

you need to find a way to bury your pet

before you bury your pet though you have

a few decisions to make first taking

first steps

check your pet check for a pulse and

look and feel to see if she's still

breathing she may be in trouble but not

actually dead call your veterinarian and

ask her to guide you with next steps if

your pet is still alive take her to an

emergency vet in the area the best place

to feel for a pulse on a dog or cat is

the inner thigh up where the leg meets

the body you're looking for the femoral

artery use two fingers not a thumb to

check for a pulse you may have a hard

time feeling it on a cat if you feel a