Dog Burials 101

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hey I'm David and welcome to ethno

Scientology many of us have lost pets

and what happens it's devastating but

we're not alone because our ancestors

obviously lost pets too what we're

looking at here is a dog that died over

25 thousand years ago we'll check the

carbon dates later however this dog died

it was somebody's best friend

if not son like my dog is and it died

and they were devastated and they buried

it in the ground for perpetuity just

like you and I would hey I'm David and

welcome back to ethnos i Knology also

come and go boy this is strider you've

probably seen him before

alright now you can go away go anyway

and we're back so this is actually what

archaeologists wear and one of my PPE

personal protective equipment if I'm on

a site I want to be wearing something