How to Install Landscape Lighting Wire Under a Sidewalk | VOLT® University

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Hi Folks welcome back Tim for volt lighting. Today

We want to talk about how to get wiring underneath sidewalks. When you're in the course of installing wiring for your lighting

You're invariably going to run across situations where you have sidewalks or patios are going to be in your way.

So the question is how do I get my wiring across it if you see behind us here

We do have a spot sidewalk

And we're going to show you a couple simple ways you can get your wiring underneath that. Let's get started.

Before digging under your sidewalks inspect your site and see if you already have a large gap in a control joint of your sidewalk.

This is often an ideal placed to cross if you can get the wire deep enough.

Deepen and clean out the gap with an old screwdriver and add a piece of spacer back in once your cable has been installed.

Four-Foot, sidewalks like this one are pretty typical on most properties.

The first crossing method. I'll show you is using a long flexible drill, bit now

This is an easy method if you only need a single wire to cross the walk.

To begin our crossing we need to excavate a small opening on one side of the sidewalk.

On the other side of the sidewalk cut out a strip that's about one foot long by four to five inches wide.

Remove the rock and soil until you can clearly see the bottom edge of the sidewalk.

With the bottom Edge of the concrete exposed

Slip your drill bit right underneath that edge and put a little bit of flex in the bit.

This will help keep the bits straight as it advances underneath the concrete.

If you've kept your bit straight and level coming underneath the concrete it will come right out underneath the other side.

These long bits have a small hole in the end of the tip that are designed for pulling your wire back through.

To attach your wire clip one end of your wire lead off and strip the other end.