Don't Starve: Unlocking Webber (Reign of Giants DLC)

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hmm.well Wolfgang's life is clearly

pretty miserable right now just slurping

down a bunch of berries in the middle of

a thunderstorm but hey at least things

are looking up and up for you viewer you

get a new don't starve video

you're also not gonna get chased by like

a dozen spiders so there's also that so

yeah it's been a little while since I

made a video for this series but since

there's some new DLC for the game called

the reign of giants I figured that would

warrant a a couple new videos at least

so aside from a bunch of new bosses they

also added a couple new characters that

you can play as in this video is

basically going to be about how to

unlock one of them in particular the

spider guy Webber and he's actually

relatively easy to unlock all things

considered I know that that being chased