How to bury a time capsule--ACNL

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Elvia asked me to bury a time capsule

for her so what I'm going to do is I'm

gonna come over here lay that away yeah

it's a hustle and I'm going to bury it

in a place right by a public works

project so that it doesn't get anything

built over it and also I bury all my

stuff near the Zen pond so what I'm

gonna do

yeah go over here I go to the mail I

open it up and there is her time capsule

you can bury it like that and boom

you're done you buried a time capsule

yay now we report back to Silvia she

should be right over here by her house

there's flurry Jacques let's see report

back to Silvia and let her know yeah you

need something I buried it yay awesome

thanks I can't wait to dig it up

Hopper's he all right and that is how

you bury a time capsule