Burying the Knot

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when you bury enough obviously you're

purposely burying or covering up your

suture material and so and generally

you're going to be using this technique

in say subcutaneous tissue and you're

going to be using a an absorbable suture

material in most cases because the

you're intending to bury it and actually

leave the suture and tissue most suture

patterns you're going from superficial

and then the incision too deep with

barring the knot you're going deep to

superficial and so I'm going to

demonstrate burying a knot most suture

patterns that I start are going to be

started on the near side of the the

incision the near side for me of course

would be the right the right side of the

incision is demonstrated here because

I'm right-handed however to bury the

knot you need to start on the far side