We need to change how we bury the dead

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When I say “funeral” this is probably what you think of, right?

The cemetery, the casket, the gorgeous floral arrangements.

Vin Diesel stylishly going two buttons undone on the dress shirt.

But what if I told you that other than Dominic Toretto’s effortless style,

this was probably the worst way you could dispose of a body?

This traditional casket in the ground method most of us are used to

is what journalist Mark Harris calls a “modern burial.”

And that is the chemical embalming of the remains,

the burial of the body or the placement of the body into a metal casket,

and then the placing of that casket and embalmed body

in the bottom of the grave that we call the burial vault.

So that’s pretty much the American way of death.

Aside from being a great name for a novel,

the American way of death actually turns out to be pretty terrible.

The average cost of modern burial runs on average from $10,000 to $12,000.

Although you can talk to families who will tell you they paid a lot more than that.

In many cases, a lot more.

This KISS casket alone will set you back seven grand.

No word on if the amps are included though.

The funeral industry has also been known to engage in predatory business practices,

like selling vulnerable families add-ons and services that they don’t need.