How to Tie off Your Quilting Thread Tails Securely - Quilting Basics Tutorial #9 with Leah Day

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hello my quilting friends Lia day here

with a new quilting basics video

whenever you start or stop a line of

quilting you'll always end up with two

thread tales of bobbin thread and your

top thread so in this video let's learn

how to tie off and secure those thread

tales really securely so they never come

undone so the first way I want to show

you how to tie off your thread tales

where you have started quilting so this

is two thread tails on the surface of

the quilt I pulled this up whenever I

began quilting so I'm going to take

those two thread tails and we have time

and a knot and this is just a simple

overhand knot

you make a loop and pass the tails back

through that loop and then I'm going to

use the tip of a needle to help me

tighten up that knot but I don't want to