How to Bury St Joseph to Sell A House (Does it Work?)

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hey guys it's Dana and I've been trying

to help my family member sell their

house and you may or may not have heard

about Saint Joseph who is somewhat of a

real estate agent if you plant a statue

of st. Joseph in your front yard when

you're trying to sell supposedly you'll

get results fast okay we have to bury

two feet we decided to give it a try I

read online you have to bury Saint

Joseph we put out two feet away from

your sale sign how about this muddy spot

right here

and you have to bury him head down that

now put this we got to put the dirt back

over okay

after we buried Saint Joseph we said a

prayer we can I read it dear st. Joe I

know I would do this for me your

goodness and heart in English

Oh Meg that also works you want to get