How to Install In-Ground Sprinklers | This Old House

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Kevin we're going to operate our

irrigation system off of this hose bib

now the first thing I need to check is

how many pounds of pressure are coming

out of here

I need thirty to run the sprinklers so

what I did is I attached a pressure

gauge to this hose bib and found out we

have eighty psi so that's great we're in

good shape the second thing I need to

check is flow so what we're going to do

is put that five-gallon bucket down and

just open that up in time how long it

takes to fill the bucket

all right that's good Kevin so I got 30

seconds for five gallons which is ten

gallons per minute and that's the number

we're going to use to determine what

type of sprinkler heads we're going to

use and how many we want to water the

lawn and the plants and not the house