How to build a mausoleum for your dead sims

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well it looks like River Bing one of my

legacy Sims has died so I'm going to

show you the process that I go through

whenever one of my sins dies I keep them

on the property from my understanding

not sure correct me if I'm wrong but to

have a ghost on your property you need

to have their urn also on your property

not sure about that sometimes I see

ghosts coming from across the street so

here he is he's about to get slayed so

what I do is I'd like to keep all of the

urns in a columbarium

which is also a mausoleum type of

building for urns now that we have

caskets I guess it is a proper mausoleum

I'm going to show it to you so you first

want to take the urn and put it in a

Sims inventory

that way you can transport the yarn