The Do's and Don'ts of Downspouts

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all right this is not how to run a

downspout so I wanted to do a couple

videos and downspouts for you guys seems

like I'm getting a lot of questions in

the comments section so alright so this

is perforated pipe yes this was what was

ran here you don't want to do this

because let me show you you see these

little holes in the perforated pipe even

though this is garbage pipe the roots

are gonna fill from the shrub right here

so that was here and I'll show you how

we do it okay so this is a vent and a

cleanouts both so advanced that's why we

don't use a cap we use a grate that

snaps in and then you could take us just

a screwdriver slide it in there it pops

out super easy and you can feed your

garden hose down there and help get that

shingle gravel if you're worried a lot