DIY Pulling Buriable Electrical through PVC

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so reef DVM starting off another barn

project yes another barn but this time

it's my barn for the most part yet

everyone is really going to pitch in on

this project for us here are the girls

they're helping out carrying all the

schedule 40 PVC conduit but we need to

bury the wire that we're going to run

from our electrical box over to the site

of the future barn a little teamwork and

the girls get it done quite quickly then

after we get it all laid out here where

we're going to work we're going to move

on to actually digging the trench

a little bit of time-lapse here and one

big long hundred foot trench from the

box to the barn little help from the

girls it goes even faster

of course they really were mostly

interested in the worms that they found

but every little bit helps so now you