Hand Dig Drainage Tips, Sod, PVC, Sump Pump, Discharge

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hey good morning Chuck here with Apple

drains today we are going to be

extending a sump pump line it comes out

of the crawlspace right over here if you

look underneath supports here let your

eyes adjust you'll see where it comes

out of the wall and it's ending right

here so we're going to go ahead and

tunnel underneath of this cross tie then

we're going to dig a small trench cut

the side bring it all the way out here

to the rocks let it discharge out into

the lake so over here where the

discharge coming out from the sump pump

what we've got to do is we've got to

create you know more of a gradual

transition so we can go underneath of

that retaining wall and not real hard to

do you just got to dig it but a great

little project for the do-it-yourselfer

that's just about got it didn't take too