Grow Big Pumpkins - Vine Burying, Pollination, Vine Training

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okay it's late June and we're here at

the pumpkin patch and I'm going to do a

short demonstration on vine burying

there are two main reasons to bury the

vines one is it anchors the vine and

gives the plant more stability to keep

the leaves from rolling over in the wind

and the other reason is to increase the

root system and if you look closely on

the top of the vine here there's a

little white spot and that's a little

node that will develop into a root if we

cover that with dirt so I'm going to

show you the process here the first

thing that we need to do is to trim off

this tertiary vine so that we keep the

order of the plant and I like to leave

one leaf on that vine growing just in

case something happens to my original

leaf a lot of them suffer damage in the

wind and that way I have a leaf that can