How Deep Do You Need to Bury a Propane or LP Gas Line

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okay so Darrin and I are out digging a

propane line into the ground the

question we want to answer for you today

is how deep your propane line needs to

be buried under the surface of the soil

in order to meet code and be safe if

you're new to this channel I would

really appreciate it if you just take a

second right down below right here and

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bell to enable notifications in most

common applications where you're just

digging a trench across your yard or

some untrue verse space 12 inches is

gonna meet code 90% of the time or maybe

even more than that depending on where

you live there may be specific codes for

your area I'd highly recommend just

giving the one of the propane companies

in your area a call and ask them they

should know if there are anything any