Weatherproofing Outdoor Extension Cord | FARM HACK (64)

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when overwintering koi in their pond

it's really important to keep part of

the surface free of ice

I've been accomplishing it this winter

with these hundred watt ponds the ices

and as you can see they just keep a

little little hole up in the ice however

when kaput it actually wasn't the heater

that the problem was that was a problem

outdoor outlet I had a plugged into when

kaput and this is actually a one I just

replaced last year so there's something

very serious going on a lot to replace

it again but that's another video today

I want to talk about something related

but because I didn't have a cell outlet

close on how does it need of plugging in

the ice are the hon di sir somewhere

else somewhere far away which means an

extension cord so you're going to sprint

record outside is always been a scary