9 fees to NEVER pay a car dealership. Tips on car buying, how to negotiate, and how to buy a car.

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hey everyone welcome back to the channel

I hope you are having a fantastic day if

you look all around me there are

millions and millions and millions of

dollars worth of inventory on any

dealerships lot in the country and

dealerships feel that they need to set

their and try to nickel-and-dime you

with erroneous and fake scam fees you're

gonna learn about the fees to never pay

when you buy a car in this video

before I begin if this is the first time

that you're watching my video I love

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car it's a very emotional thing you've

done a lot of research but when you get

down to the nitty-gritty sometimes you

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hey dealers are sneaky and you got to

remember that we do this every single

day so we know exactly how to handle

anything you say to us these right here

I collect these from all sorts of cars

and dealerships that we have these are

just four of the hundreds that I have

these right here are dead giveaways that

the dealership is about to play games

and about to rip you off the very first

thing we're going to talk about is

delivery fees or destination charges

there's only one delivery fee

destination charge that you will ever

pay and that's the one on a brand new

car that says right here destination

charge from the factory if it is not on

the factory moroni sticker as you see

over there do not pay that fee dealers

will make up all sorts of things that

says hey listen we have to deliver it we

have to clean it up we have to put gas

in it we have to prep it we have to do

all of this stuff to get you to pay a

fee that they have no money in a matter

of fact the dealership actually gets

reimbursed a lot of times for multiple

things which we're going to talk about

here in a second from the manufacturer

so never pay a destination fee at all

and i'ma tell you at the end of the

video when the proper time

is to bring these erroneous fees up to

make sure that you do not pay them fee

number two to never pay and that would

be advertising charges dealers will

bring up some BS stuff that says hey

listen we had to advertise it we have to

put it on the internet we have to pay

for our website it's all bs it's

erroneous fee and it's made up strictly

for one thing and that's profit

advertising fees are actually paid for

by the manufacturer so there are things

that they have on the invoice on a new

car that they have grouped into that

invoice that they probably already pay

and they also get sent back to them with

coop money so that way it's actually

something they're making money on twice

from the manufacturer and from you the

consumer so if you see advertising fees

anywhere on your bill of sale don't pay

them and refuse to pay them but wait I'm

going to tell you how to get around

those and when to properly bring those

up at the end of the video this one is

famous this one's been going on since

probably the 80s it was going on 19

years ago when I got into the car

business in 2000 and it's still going on

today there's various names for it theft

protection VIN itching data dots all of

these things that are meant to deter a

thief let me tell you something a thief

is not walking up to your car in looking

at glass to see if they should steal or

not steal your car they're gonna steal

it regardless and the dealership will

set there and tell you hey listen if

your car ever gets stolen they have a

spiel that they'll pay you twenty five

hundred bucks or five thousand and stuff

like that and I'll have all sorts of

stories that somebody actually did it

and what they're not telling you is the

thousands and thousands and thousands of

cars that they've sold

they've only paid one or two and it's

not worth it in the end that's what your

insurance is for and you can actually

get supplemental insurance talk to your

insurance agent in the event that

something happens to protect you so

that's your way you're not out any money

on a total loss car I'm coming into the

service department for this next one

because this next one is still done


and it's absolutely 100% snake oil and

we actually have one of these and our

dealership now we don't use it I've been

with the dealership for almost ten years

and it's

ever been used once and actually it's

probably touched more during our

renovations and everything to be moved

and it's in our way to show you what I'm

talking about is that machine right

there nitrogen you can see how well it's

used here because it's all blocked in

with all sorts of different things I'm

out here in the service department as I

mentioned earlier and that thing is not

used basically what happens with these

machines is they deflate your tires they

relay them they deflate them they


they're filled with nitrogen now they're

gonna tell you that you get better tread

wear your tires stay inflated much nicer

they are not acceptable to the hot and

cold flashes well let me tell you

something by volume the air we breathe

every day has more than 78% of nitrogen

in it so they're gonna put in like what

12% that doesn't make a big difference

and the only time that nitrogen does

make a difference is when you're like

racetrack you're tracking the car stuff

like that so don't buy it

it's not worth a penny if they're

willing to throw it in hey take it

perfect but don't pay for nitrogen it's

snake oil I'm back out here on the

used-car lot because the next thing that

is a rip off at the car dealerships is

very minor enhancements to the cars but

the dealerships get big money for them

I've seen all the way up to $500 for

this crap it's absolutely junk and it's

just ripping you off let's go to this

car right here see that nice little

vinyl pinstripe yeah that right there

cost about $15 to put in the car you can

buy this stuff on Amazon for pennies on

the dollar and put one on yourself

if you so much so desire you just got to

put it on straight I guess so we

actually support a local business here

in Louisville and he comes out to our

used-car lot and puts these on our

vehicles it's a cool thing to do it's a

great way that we can support a local

business but we don't charge the

customers one penny I have a couple

customers who actually want something I

have a customer that buys a black Tahoe

every year and once a gold pinstripe on

it I always tell him no problem it's not

an issue I'll make it happen and I don't

even charge him for it because it's

worthless it's not anything that we

should be charging customers on so don't

fall for the

Pinstripe and of course here in a second

we're going to talk about when the

appropriate time to bring these charges

up and let the dealership know that

you're not going to pay for them let's

talk about the infamous one dealers all

over the country do this we have the new

Corvette c8 coming up soon which by the

way own a CA Tom if you want to buy one


yours truly sells a lot of Corvettes and

I'll do it with none of these what I'm

talking about in this video and most

importantly not this right here and that

was the ADM the additional dealer markup

aka ripoff 100 percent profit never

never never for any reason pay a

dealership over MSRP for a vehicle it's

absolute ripoff you can go to any other

four thousand chevy dealers in the

country and get another vehicle

sometimes dealers say hey these zl1 one

Ellie's or these SS one Ellie's or where

the case may be they're really really

hard to get so we charge a little bit

more money for them Yeah right you can

see that I've got three here I've got

one more on my showroom floor and I can

call any dealer in the country and get

one of these right now for you and not

have any type of fees and matter of fact

discount them pretty heavily based off

the current market so never pay an

additional markup on a vehicle because

it's just a ripoff and you try just a

little bit harder you can move on to the

next dealership and probably get it for

MSRP on a rare vehicle or maybe even a

discount based off current manufacturers

rebates and incentives a lot of

dealerships love to put accessories in

the car like mud flaps or bug deflectors

or window vents stuff like that hey

listen if you don't want those don't buy

them and tell them to take them off of

the car now they're going to tell you

sorry they're already installed we can't

take them off sell like that it's all BS

once more and they will take it off if

they want to earn your business and of

course if it's on a new car you can set

there and remind them that the survey is

going to be coming in their email or a

phone call and that you'll take care of

them if they take that off but we're

going to talk a little bit more window

propria do that here after the next one

because it's very critical that you said

here and you do this at the appropriate


helping sales people all over the

country learn how to sell cars in an

ethical in a professional manner one of

the things that I teach the customers is

not to ask questions too soon so this is

what I'm going to teach you don't ask

for a discount don't ask for the

dealership to take something off before

the timing is right so take this as the

analogy if you see a beautiful person or

you saw a beautiful person way before

you're married and you walk up to them

you don't sit there and say hey listen

will you marry me right you learn about

them you court them you do all that good

stuff and that's when you decide to get

married so just take that as an analogy

to use to not do something too soon at a

dealership this next thing that is

absolutely a scam happens a lot after

the car deal is all done and that's in

the finance office right back here at

our dealership and that is credit life

insurance credit life insurance is way

overpriced and absolutely a scam now if

you want to protect the value of your

car in the unfortunate time of your

death you can certainly go out and buy

premium term life insurance all the way

up to a million dollars with very little

money out-of-pocket per year you can see

this chart right here I found this on

the Internet

it tells you exactly how much life

insurance costs for all sorts of

different characteristics on average but

don't buy the life insurance that those

offices the finance office quotes you on

your car loan absolutely worthless and

waste the time matter of fact we believe

that here at the dealership that we

don't even offer it as a service and you

want to know a secret this is when you

know the dealership is about to pitch

you life insurance on your automobile

that you're purchasing they're gonna ask

typically this exact phrase and the

event of your untimely death who would

you want the free and clear title to be

sent to let's talk about a really good

one dealerships will tell you that hey

listen we have an extra fee for the temp

tag or for dealer prep it's typically

listed dealer prep we're gonna wash it

we're gonna vacuum we're gonna fill it

up with gas all again that's BS that's

absolutely something that you did not

need to pay for extra above the cost of

the car because that's figured into the

car that gas you're putting in most

manufacturers set there and actually

reimburse the deal

for the gas that they're putting in the

car so that's not really costing the

dealership any money and it's something

that you get on every single new car

matter of fact a lot of manufacturers

are putting that full tank of gas right

on the factory mulroney sticker so never

pay a prep fee because there's nothing

involved with it they're gonna you're

always gonna get a clean car because

listen at the end of the day if you're

buying a brand new car they're worried

about manufacturer CSI those surveys

that they get and that is something that

they're gonna automatically do for you

in the beginning regardless of how much

you pay for the car so never pay for a

dealer prep fee that's part of the

package and the manufacturer typically

pays any cost associated with that okay

I've been promising this the whole video

and that is the appropriate time when to

bring up those fees that are typically

on a worksheet like this and to

negotiate those out of the deal for the

essence of time I'm only showing you the

pertinent information on here and I'm

going to go through this extremely quick

because this can be a full video this is

the appropriate time on when to have any

types of add-ons fees or any of the nine

things that I mentioned in this video to

be taken off however there is a little

bit of strategy here remember we're not

gonna ask the salesman to marry us right

now we're gonna let him show us

everything Cortis you know asked us for

his business okay so we have the

purchase price of $15,000 he's most

likely gonna skip over stuff like this

or it's gonna be somewhere else on the

sheet and it's not gonna be fully

disclosed 100% but a salesperson should

show you something to this effect and

have it fully disclosed so this is just

going to show the total purchase price

of the vehicle if you have a trade-in

that's going to be in there we have the

dealer processing fee again a totally

different video but $2.99 fifty is my

dealerships processing fee and this is a

totally legit fee tax at 9:41 ninety

four unless your state doesn't have

sales tax you're always going to have

sales tax next fees are non tax fees and

this typically is DMV fees and now we

have the total bottom line and if

there's any type of pay off that's gonna

be figured in there as well so you can

see the bottom line on this is sixteen

thousand nine hundred and ninety nine

dollars and ninety four cents with about

seven hundred dollars of BS added in

there over here we have the payments on

zero two thousand four thousand

down sixty 66 72 months now the

appropriate questions to be asking on

this particular sheet would be what's

the dealer processing pay for good good

answer right all dealers have dock fees

this would basically what that is

and that as long as it's low 300 bucks

400 bucks that's acceptable six hundred

and above a totally different video

we're gonna talk about that down the

road which is why you should subscribe

and turn your Bell notifications on talk

about those as well so you can ask

questions like what is the tax figure

done you can ask what are the non tax

fees take care of they should be able to

answer those really really quickly you

can ask questions like what's the

interest rate figured out so unless they

pulled credit you won't know that answer

and this is just for informational

purposes only which is why there's a ten

dollar swing in there so typically I put

in my stuff 722 above credit score and

so it's figuring out really really well

so now here's what you do and the

appropriate way to do it mister

salesperson thank you for making the

offer it looks good

I'll buy the car right now but the only

thing I need you to do is take off the

prep fee pinstripe another for any other

fees that they have on there and we're

good to go so if they won't take those

off you don't buy the car they should if

you present it that way to them take

that off and you have a car deal and

your deal is done now I will tell you

this the dealer feed the dock fee if

it's over four hundred dollars perfect

let them go back and get this taken off

and get this approved and then come back

and tell them that you're not gonna pay

over three hundred dollars the three

hundred dollars is a good thing because

this protects your interest this

protects your social security numbers

that you have to give them this protects

all the document storage all the title

work is done properly if you're on a

used car it make sure it's a clear title

to get the lien releasing done all the

prep work so there is some substantial

thing here because you got to remember I

told you earlier on a new car Department

we're less than two percent profits so

three hundred bucks to take care of all

the processing fees is not a bad thing

and it does pay for the girls in the

back that's the most common thing that

is talked about is the back people but

it does take care of that but it's a lot

more again totally different video and

we'll go over that down the road now

I'll tell you this most dealerships most

good dealerships don't really negotiate


companies like CarGurus TrueCar all that

stuff have made dealers be more

transparent and more ethical which is

great for the consumers so if the

dealership does negotiate what you want

to do is make sure that you negotiate

the price of the car the pricier

trade-in if that's a credible and then

after all said and done do exactly what

I just showed you with those fees do not

negotiate those fees before you have

your car deal completely 100% done all

right so there you go there are the nine

things that you do not want to pay for

add a dealership if you've got questions

if you got comments throw them in the

comment section down below I look and

read almost every single comment I'll

respond if it's necessary and as always

I want to thank you so much for watching

the video I hope it was informative if

there's anything I can do for you as far

as purchasing the car reach out to me at

Chevy dude calm don't forget to get your

Chevy dude swag and use the Amazon link

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channel thanks for watching have a great

day and drive safely