How to get rid of negative equity in a car

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what's up YouTube it's Tony Swedberg and

today I'm going to show you how to get

out of negative equity so if you're

upside-down in your car or your

customers upside down in their car eight

nine ten eleven thousand dollars in this

situation I got my customer from being

eleven thousand dollars upside down into

a car lowered her payment with no money

down so how to get out of negative

equity here we go so I had a lady come

in and she had a draft her draft was for

thirty thousand dollars so quite a bit

of money

she had a hundred and twenty five

percent loan to value that's called LTV

loan to value if you guys don't know

what loan-to-value is that's how much

the bank values the car and then how

much out the door you're at will use

easy numbers let's say the bank says a