Loot Stash Guide 🎒 DayZ PS4 XBOX PC

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all right we're going back to the

industrial zone I want to show people

how to stash techniques behind the

stache again we're looking in different

areas that are industrial to find this

shovel like there's an added tire I

really dug ok sticking on my back dirty

ok perfect

heck oh yes please yes a loot horror

icon chubby pug say don't worry pretty

much yes this is a shovel yes ok we

could do this much sooner than I thought

and that's excellent next time ok so

again to find shovels or even Marlin

bags the shoreline is over here let me

just get a nice little little peep over

here we're currently sitting in just to

give people a contextual we're sitting

by lumber mill slash berezino area which

is considered like a six on the map or

even B 6 we're on the shoreline so we're