Installing Plastic Landscape Edging (DIY)

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Hubert's hey youtubers this old John

doing another DIY project do-it-yourself

it's kind of windy out here

so bear with the noise if there is any

going to do some edging today and I got

my edging from Big Lots normally six

dollars for twenty five foot rolls about

four inches tall and I got it for like

four dollars because it's at the end of

the season so it's good time to get some

deals it's like say this twenty five

foot long and it has a piece on the end

which is right here and this slides into

the end of the tubing to connect to the

next tubing and first thing you do is

you want to lay it out and in my case

I'm laying it out on my driveway sense

up right out here I don't know if you

can see it but this will help flatten it

out so that's first step so let's go try

laying it okay so it's kind of windy out