How to bury your threads in between your quilt layers

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Welcome to Tuesday's Tips from SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura.

And today I would like to share with you a very

simple way to catch your threads in-between

your layers of your quilt.

First of all we need to start by bringing the

threads to one side.

So we need to take this thread and put it to the back

side. This is the top thread.

This is the bottom thread, which is the bobbin thread.

So you will need to pull the top thread to the back

by taking the bobbin thread

and just give it a little tug and you'll see a little loop

and it comes to the surface.

That is actually the top thread.

And you will just take that loop

and you're going to pull it to the back.

And you are going to tie it once

and twice.

You really don't need more than that

because the knot will actually get too big.

The next thing you're going to need is a sewing needle