How I Easily Installed an Invisible Fence on a Saturday | Part 2

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in this video we're gonna go over how to

lay wire and bury wire for an inground

invisible fence hey guys i'm max b and

this is part two of a video series in

how to install an in-ground invisible

fence system my part one was the

planning stage if you haven't seen that

already i recommend going to check that

out first and then come back to this

video if you've already seen that great

let's kind of move on from there so what

we're gonna do we're gonna head outside

and actually lay out the wire and and

begin to bury it and kind of show you

how to do that but before we before we

actually head outside let's kind of go

over the things that we're gonna need

the tools are going to need to do it

alright so the first thing you're gonna

need is the wire itself the wire it

comes in a spool something like this is