How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram

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hey guys how's it going so today I want

to teach you how to hide your hashtags

on Instagram so you've probably noticed

that less and less people have been

actually including a crap ton of

hashtags in their caption with their

image and that's because it kind of

comes off as looking cluttered and

unprofessional and super promotional so

I'm going to teach you how you two can

hide your hashtags so that you can have

a more polished account and you can be

in on this somewhat new trend of like I

said hiding your hashtags so let's jump

in so first thing first you got to go to

your Instagram app boom oh look at my

puppy as an EQ so you're going to want

to pick a photo we'll do this one next

then you can go ahead and add any

filters if you would like I usually just

go in and manually edit mine because I I